Italpannelli is a leading company in the production of a wide range of insulating sandwich panels in rigid polyrethane foam and rockwool for the cold, industrial, commercial, residential and livestock sectors.

Strongly customer oriented, the company also has an Engineering and Building Department, able to design and manufacture cold stores and prefabricated structures in vibrated reinforced concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete, metal carpentry and laminated wood.

Italpannelli was born in 1991 for the continuous production of insulating sandwich panels in rigid polyrethane foam and rock wool for the cold, industrial, commercial and zootechnical sectors , inheriting from Tecniso all the experience in the realization of cold rooms and prefabricated structure.

Italpannelli is made up of 2 production plants: one in Abruzzo, Italy and one in Spain ( Italpannelli Iberica).

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The product

Italpannelli is the leader in the production of curved panels with a radius of 6 metres and polyurethane and mineral wool insulation in the sector of coverings for prefabricated structures with beams in c.a.p., with a continuous production line that is unique in the world. In addition to the already huge range of sandwich panels, the company is equipped with metal profiling machines to create the most popular ribbed profile sheets for normal coverings as well as for the building of steel/concrete slabs. Thermo-acoustic insulation and energy-saving solutions are only a few of the strong points in the vast range of Italpannelli products. The properties of insulating foam allow you to obtain great performances in terms of thermal insulation, while the mineral wool permits optimum insulation and acoustic absorbtion by the walls. In addition, all coverings and products are fire-resistant. Other noteworthy products of the company are Italcoppo panels, that have a shape similar to that of traditional curved roof tiles. Also, it manufactures a new generation of polyurethane sandwich panels with a very modern shape, that can be used in the sectional doors industry. And the latest addition is Mega106, a double laminated polyurethane panel with ribs of 106 mm which allow to leave considerable space between mounted panels.

Custom solutions

The Italpannelli has a wide range of products and solutions tailored to cover all customer requests. Each panel will be customizable in materials, sizes, shapes and colors. Among the infinity of certified products you can choose not only the materials (galvanized and prepainted steel, aluminum, copper), but also carefully select the type of supports that best suits your facility. Beyond all the possible combinations, Italpannelli proposes a number of flashings designed to meet every application.

Growth and development

In an increasingly complex and competitive market sector italpannelli has quickly achieved a position of international leadership, by reinventing itself and mainly thanks to a thirty-year experience.

Efficiency, service and customer satisfaction

Italpannelli company is distinguished by the efficiency of the service and the ability to be a reference at 360 degrees, strongly oriented to customer satisfaction. A highly professional technical staff will be at your disposal and always looking for innovative proposals in line with the diversified customer necessity. The experience of Italpannelli Made in Italy is able to provide expert support and to respond with customized solutions for every need.


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